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Digtial City is a comprehensive elecronics megarmarket chain and solution for IT Sales, consulting, Services. We have a complete solution for all your needs. Our professional staff can meet you to acquaint you of our professional services.

Our experience varies from key business issues to a number of industries. We have real experience in all different arena's of the IT. We are brining to our clients with the technology to master their business in all different areas such as HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Business Strategy, Supply chain, logistics and procurement. We can transform your business into success stories. We are the number-one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances.

 Stores And Services:

Our stores engage the customer from the minute they walk in the door by showcasing the latest technology, interactive kiosks, and aisles of music, movies and video games. You will find home theater systems that will knock your socks off, plus you will find a vast selection in everything we carry from computers to wireless phones.


 Our Corporate headquarter and distribution center is locate in Erbil.


Logistics is a critical part of Digital City's business. We offer delivery service to our customers across Kurdistan region.

 Customer Service:

At Digital City you will experience the best customer service. Our sales and managment staff are well trained and offer excellent service to our customers.



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