Digital City is the largest IT company in Iraq and Kurdistan. We provide IT consulting, Sales & Service to government, businesses and public. We are determined to meet the IT requirements for all different scopes of businesses. We are actively involved in the reconstructions efforts by means of providing and supporting with IT needs. Digital City has a large number of products from Computer desktop & laptops to Large servers, storage solutions, printers, Computer accessories, Networking components...etc. 

We are growing by joining the international companies which lead the IT in the world. We are proudly part of the global enterprise, which brings you the tools you can improve your business. We bring you the best performance results. Your success is ours. We are determined to make your business a success story. Let us control your business to take you to the horizons. Let us share our experience with you. Le us build what you need to build the future of your business. We can help and make a real difference.

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